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Pandemic can be described as the widespread occurrence of disease, which is more than what is usually expected in a geographical area. Presently the whole world is in a critical state for COVID -19 pandemic. On 11th March 2020, World Health Organization took out the census of the total cases of COVID-19 and it as a pandemic. On 14th April 2020, there were in total 1,925,571 affected cases worldwide, with a death count of 119,718 and a total of 452,188 recovered cases with India having total of 10, 453 cases with a death toll of 358. People of all ages have shown susceptibility. Mode of transmission is via big droplets expelled out by symptomatic patients while they cough or sneeze. So far there is no particular drug or vaccine present in the market which is specific to the treatment of this infection. Thus, there is over-burdening of the health care systems in all places. This novel virus outbreak has challenged the infrastructure of economy, medicine and public health of almost all the countries. Also, future outbreaks of viruses and pathogens are probable. So, besides counteracting this outbreak, we must also put our efforts in planning out comprehensive strategies to avoid any potential outbreaks of origin.


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Joyeeta Mahapatra, & Pradnya Nikhade. (2020). COVID-19: A Pandemic Situation. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 787-795.