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COVID- 19 has created a lot of hazardous health issues worldwide. Research fraternity around the world is trying to find out vaccine or medicines against the virus. In this pandemic situation, there is a need for remedies to boost the immunity to fight against the virus. Ayurveda treatises have described several herbal drugs which are used as home remedies and are said to be effective against all microorganisms and effective in boosting immunity. Home remedies can be played a vital role as immunomodulant. Hence in this paper, an attempt is made to review such home remedies and identify its efficacy on various conditions. The relevant references were searched on the internet to find out the scientific data available on home remedies. Fumigation, Rasayan drugs, a decoction of herbal medicines found more useful. Tinospra cordifolia, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Ocimum sanctum, Withania somnifera, Curcuma longa are most decorated single herbal drugs used as home remedies for boosting the immunity. Considering the global disease burden caused by COVID-19, there is an urgent need to explore and widened the use of home remedies to fight against COVID-19 menace effectively.


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Prashant Bhokardankar, Bharat Rathi, Mujahid Khan, & Renu Rathi. (2020). COVID-19 Pandemic: Home Remedies for Immunity Boosting. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 734-738.