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Human health is an asset. Despite knowing this fact, humans tend to ignore this and go in pursuit of worldly assets ending up in ill-health. Because of the sedentary lifestyle and schedules of COVID-19 individuals have always been less concerned about the diet, exercises and the quality of healthy lifestyle and as a result of this human beings have the inferior status of health and have been prone to infectious diseases. In context, have mentioned about (misuse of intellect) which is a significant factor in causing diseases. The present scenario augments, that, it is time to turn over to the ancient science of life. The old life on maintaining the health by following (daily routine), (Seasonal regime), (code of conduct) wherein (body purification procedure) and (Rejuvenation therapy) secures the physical and mental health of an individual. In this literary study, an effort has been made to find out the role of holistic science of life in dealing with the communicable diseases and its acceptance globally.


Janapadodhwans Sadvrutta code of conduct COVID-19

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Smita Kamde, & Gaurav Sawarkar. (2020). Role of Ayurveda in Communicable Diseases (COVID-19). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 730-733.