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The study aims to know about the Precautions to be taken in public during this pandemic; COVID-19. Pandemic is a worldwide spread of disease and Covid-19 which has been told as a pandemic was first found in Wuhan, A place in China. As this is pandemic, it is important to control this virus. Government has implemented various measures like self-quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, etc. in preventing this virus and also various other measures have been implemented during this pandemic. A thorough literature search was performed using the database like Pubmed, google scholar, BioRxiv, MESH, Cochran database using the keywords ‘COVID -19‘,’ pandemic 'and ‘Precautions ‘ with no date and year restrictions. The language is restricted to English. 15 articles with similar data have been found which were analyzed and have been included in this study. It is very important to know pathophysiology, mode of transmission, precautions taken by the government during this pandemic to create knowledge about this pandemic which will be discussed in this study with the data collected from the articles collected.


Pandemics Covid-19 precautions transmission pathophysiology viral infection

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Vasishta P A, Anjali A K, Brundha M P, & Vinay Sivaswamy. (2020). An overview on pandemic Covid-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 696-700.