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Given the existence of a standardized tool and infection control recommendations for COVID-19, many dental professionals lack the minimum infection control requirements. As the disease outbreak continues to evolve and health centres respond to unique situations in their communities, the Department of Health recognizes that dental settings may also be necessary to provide non-emergency dental care. The dental environment will balance the need to include the resources available whilst reducing the harm to patients and dental health staff. The aim of the study is to assess the awareness of infection control in dental practice in the COVID-19 outbreak among dental practitioners. A Self-administered questionnaire was designed based on awareness of infection control for a dental practice in the COVID-19 outbreak. The questionnaire was distributed through an online google form link. The study population included dental professionals in Tamil Nadu. The data was collected and statistically analysed. 81% use PPE (personal protective equipment) during the procedure, 82.7% of patients are made to rinse their mouth with an antimicrobial mouth rinse before the dental procedure. Based on the findings, awareness level and infection control in dental practice can be improved.


COVID-19 awareness dental professionals infection control precautions dentistry SARS CoV-2

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Roshan A, Jeevitha M, & Sridevi G. (2020). Analysis of awareness of infection control in dental practice during the COVID-19 outbreak among dental practitioners in Tamil Nadu. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 653-658.