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Depression is a mood disorder; it affects a person's life in all terms of his daily life. Normally depressions are mood swings exposed as feelings which may be sadness, loss, anger, even laughter. Depression now stands first than any other psychological illness is causing increased mortality in the population. Major depressive disorders [MDD] is one of the major causes of mortality in the population. So, antidepressants are used which could relieve the subject from the effects of Depression. Ketamine is a recently developed drug to fortify the qualities of an antidepressant. This article is the review of previous research articles that were done on ketamine and its effects on Depression as a nasal spray. A systematic review is done on various aspects of ketamine on Depression. Efficiency, effects and a few other factors are analyzed in a comparative manner. Depression should be considered as a global issue. Ketamine being efficient as an antidepressant than many other drugs should be brought into the medicinal market as a nasal spray. Intranasal ketamine was directed into the body passing biphasic stage 1. It avoids most of the inhibitory pathways. Their effects are stronger and more effective in the form of a nasal spray. Short term and long-term effects should be analyzed. Further research is the need of the hour many more animal and clinical trials should be done to know about its complete purpose to humanity.


Ketamine phencyclidine bioavailability nasal spray antidepressants intravenous injections

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Kiran Srinivas B, & Yuvaraj Babu K. (2020). Ketamine derived Nasal Spray for Depression - A review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL3), 273-278.