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Flattening the curve is a public health strategy to slow down the spread of SARS- COV - 2 viruses during the covid--19 pandemics. The study aims to assess the knowledge and create awareness of flattening the COVID- 19 curves. A survey-based questionnaire was done to create understanding about 'flattening the curve'. A total of of 12 questions were collected by google forms app.SPSS statistical analysis was done. The results were obtained, and the data was analysed. The overall awareness of all subgroups was fair in reporting correct answers. People of the 15-25 age groups mostly attended the survey. (50.7%).71% of the respondents were males. In this study, almost 71% of the respondents were aware of the covid-19 curve. Nearly 54% of the respondents believed that community transmission is increasing in their area.71% of the respondents found lockdown can affect India's economic capital.71% believed lockdown implemented in India is effective.55.5% of the respondents thought that India is flattening the curve. Hence, the study concludes that the participants have awareness about the measures taken to flatten the COVID - 19 curves.


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Mukil P Sunil, Abilasha R, & Preetha S. (2020). Flattening the Covid-19 curve: A myth or reality - A questionnaire based study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 602-608.