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The study aims to assess the knowledge and create awareness of COVID testing among dental students. A survey-based questionnaire was done to generate understanding of COVID testing. A questionnaire containing 15 questions was prepared and circulated online using Google forms Statistical analysis was done using SPSS software. The results were obtained, and the data were . The Overall awareness of all the was good with more than 90% of the population being aware of the various parameters for testing. The study concludes that even though the awareness was reported to be adequate, various measures have to be taken towards improving the knowledge and continuous updates have to be provided regarding COVID testing to the dental students.


dental students COVID testing COVID-19 awareness

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Vamshi Ram V, Abilasha R, & Preetha S. (2020). Improving knowledge and assessing the awareness about Covid-19 testing among dental students - A questionnaire-based survey. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 575-581.