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COVID-19, caused by SARS Cov2 virus is a global pandemic and a threat to the world population and economy. It can manifest with a broad spectrum of clinical symptoms ranging from asymptomatic cases to pneumonia or even fatality. One of the treatments suggested is convalescent plasma therapy. The study aims at assessing the general awareness about Covid-19 and knowledge about the role of Convalescent plasma therapy for treatment of -19 among post graduate dental students. The survey was conducted among postgraduate dental students through an online survey tool using google forms. The survey was conducted online among postgraduate dental students on the go with 19 and convalescent plasma therapy. total of 103 participant were included in the study. The responses were collected, tabulated and using SPSS software. The knowledge regarding -19 and the awareness about the usefulness of convalescent plasma was variable. Around 90% of the participants were aware of the effectiveness of convalescent plasma therapy. Advance training, proper PPE and training on handling the patients with any infectious disease should be dealt with in detail for reducing the spread from dental clinics and dentists.


COVID 19 pathogenesis convalescent plasma therapy undergraduate dental students

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Deepa Viswasini R, & Abilasha R. (2020). General awareness about Covid-19 and the role of Convalescent plasma therapy in the treatment of Covid -19 among post graduate dental students - A KAP Survey. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 526-532.