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Coronavirus disease [Covid 19] is an infectious communicable disease causing severe causality among the world’s population. A communicable disease with high intense spread rates originated from China. As a result the world has locked all its gates, prevails in the entire world. Economy the most affected sector in any country, daily life living is now restricted. The main aim of this study is to test the knowledge and create awareness on various attributes that are related to the Indian economy among the Trichy population. A self assessed questionnaire containing 14 questions about Indian economy during COVID 19 were framed and was shared through an online survey platform. The questionnaire was passed to 109 individuals. Responses from them were collected and were through SPSS. Many residents from Trichy are aware about various aspects that affect our economy. Most of the responses from them were relevant and correct, emphasizing that they are already aware in these fields. Pandemic plays an important role in deciding a country’s economy. It shows its effects on all sectors of the government. Measures should be adopted by the citizens in order to escape from this economic fever.


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Kiran Srinivas B, Gayatri Devi R, & Yuvaraj Babu K. (2020). Knowledge and Awareness on Economic impact of Covid-19 among Trichy city population - A survey . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 558-566.