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The use of N95 masks is being recommended for the control of transmission of the dreaded corona virus. As this mask is relatively costly in the Indian set up, of masks has been suggested. One of the common methods of sterilization is keeping the mask dry for three days. As a different modification of the technique, we suggest (’s technique) that it can be kept in a box with camphor crystals. The smell of the camphor has soothing effects in the nose with actions. a simple drying can be done in a box with camphor which has got added beneficial effects. Application of iodine in the nose and the throat known to have effects. But the commonly present gargles are more watery to stay in the . Here we suggest a paint prepared as Mandl’s paint (an old preparation) which is more viscous to stay in the for a few hours to have a potent effect. The technique (’s technique) of application was by a throat swab with the paint followed touching the back of the two nostrils with cotton buds soaked in Mandl’s paint.


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Suchitra M R, & Parthasarathy S. (2020). Partha’s new techniques to counter corona virus – the usefulness of Camphor vapour and Mandl’s paint. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 472-474.