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The immune response developed in Indians through the vaccination program may affect the much needed capability to fight for our lives against the war with COVID-19. This study aimed to support the utility of vaccines to fight against various diseases, and to explore why there is a possibility that Indians may have genetic and regional advantages against this pandemic disease. Books like Essential pediatrics by DR.Ghai and various articles, WHO(World Health Organization) website, etc were referred for this review article. Some more information was obtained using keywords such as vaccination in India, immunity, research articles, COVID-19, WHO etc. The result is based on the various studies done regarding the utility of different vaccines on respiratory disorders, non-specific effects of these vaccines in neonates and in elders. It can be concluded that a background of an essential and compulsory vaccination programs in India may have been providing and may provide in the near future, the much needed immunity to tackle and eradicate coronavirus and the need of a thorough research for an authentic basis.


COVID-19 Immunity Non-specific effects Respiratory disorders Vaccines

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Nuzhat Rana, & Swapnil Borage. (2020). Utility of Vaccination adopted in India forchildren to fight against COVID-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 452-454.