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Corona virus disease (COVID-19) is an emerging disease with rapid increases in cases. COVID-19 is a single-stranded RNA virus which can produce diseases in Humans and Animals also. As COVID-19 is a developing health issue in the World, Experts also remain unsure whether pregnant women are having a higher risk of COVID-19 or not. The emergency of acute health care, it is particularly deadly in large populations and communities in which health care providers are insufficiently prepared to manage the COVID-19 infection. And cases have increased in other countries around the world day by day. It has increased the possibility of vertical transmission of the virus from the mother to the fetus—the WHO the total confirmed cases as of 12th April as 1,836,041. Total death 113,233and pregnant women having positive corona cases is 38, as of 1st April 2020. Partial suppression of the immune system in pregnancy can increase the chances of a viral infection such as flu (influenza) in pregnant women. World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that there is no specific evidence exists that pregnant women are more prone to severe COVID-19 symptoms than other general people. Physiologic and immunologic changes in pregnant women have systemic effects which in an increased risk of respiratory infections, various other changes like cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, increased heart rate and decreased lung capacity. Pregnant women become infected with two pathogenic corona virus infections, one as a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and other one is Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).


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Vaishnavi C. Ghate, Swapnil Borage, & Priyanka Shelotkar. (2020). COVID-19 in pregnant women. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 430-432.