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In the Pandemic of COVID-19, the Whole world is severely affected in many areas, including the health sector. Ayurveda being a holistic science also explains similar condition thousand years back with their aetiology, sign and symptoms and effective management. Such communicable diseases are described under headings such as Janapadodhwansa, Aupasargicvyadhi etc. with their effective management such as Rejuvenation (Rasayana) therapy, Panchakarma procedures, following codes of right conducts (SadvritaaPalan, AacharRasayana). Till date, there is no established protocol for the management of COVID- 19 like disorders, the only option left with us is a preventive aspect, and that is the first aim of Ayurveda. To make body and mind healthy and capable of fighting against any disease, is possible by following principles of Ayurveda. AacharaRasayana is advised for the same purpose, which is a code of conduct aimed in providing excellent mental, physical, social and spiritual health without having any medicine. Due to the change in lifestyle and not following the codes of conduct, we are becoming more prone to various diseases. Therefore, it must be implemented in the community to obtain the full span of life without disease. This article explains the Ayurvedic view ofAacharRasayana as a Preventive aspect in COVID- 19 like diseases.


Ayurveda AacharaRasayana Code of conducts COVID-19 Preventive aspect

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Sumod Khedekar, Renu Bharat Rathi, Bharat J. Rathi, & Amit Deshmukh. (2020). The rationale behind Ayurveda Codes of Conduct (Aachar Rasayana) in COVID-19 like new disorders. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 391-395.