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COVID – 19 is an infectious disease drawing everyone's attention globally for public health concern. It is likely zoonotic in origin, and now its person to person spread has made it fatal. Extensive measures have been taken to control this pandemic. As treatment of COVID -19 modern medicine system, is working on trial and error basis but no specific line of treatment/vaccine has been found till date. Ayurveda is a science of life and its basic concepts were evolved during the Vedic period. These concepts were crystallized, refined and advanced further in Samhita’s. The law of uniformity of nature was established by our Acharya’s, which helped in applying the physical laws to the biological field. The entire nature was their laboratory, and their keen observation and divine vision worked as their instruments to arrive at scientific truths. Disease-free condition is the best sources of virtue, wealth, gratification and emancipation while diseases are destroyers of all these sources, welfare and life itself. Samhita's are the most popular texts of ancient essence, and very few are available in complete form. At present, Samhita's are the only representative work of ancient period providing rational guidance and authoritative support to Ayurveda physicians, research scholars and students. Studying the texts of these primary source material is essential for understanding the physical, mental and spiritual wellness of every individual of the universe. In Ayurveda, epidemics are described as Janapadadhwamsajvyadhi. So everyone is enthusiastically expecting Ayurveda for better results. In this review, article COVID-19 has been discussed on the basic concept of Trisutra in Ayurveda. Its hetu (causes), Lakshana (signs and symptoms) and chikitsa (probable treatment) have been discussed here which can be considered in future as the strategies to avoid such pandemics. These guidelines may act as preventive, protective and curative for the entire community in winning the fear of coronavirus disease.


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Preeti Sujit Borkar. (2020). Janapadadhwamsa and Covid-19—A Systematic Review and Practical Applicability of Trisutra Ayurveda in Samhita. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 342-347.