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Hospitals have important part in the human health organization toprovide necessary treatmentfor public, mainly in a calamity. During the current outbreak of COVID-19, and is in giving important needs and supplies will possibly interrupt the providing critical treatment due to not organized health-care capacity. Along with, a greater amount of personnelabsence can be predictable. A lack of important kits and materials can lead to restricted supplies to desirable care and have a direct impact on healthcare delivery. Anxiety can lead to possibly hamper recognized operational practices. Also in hospitals dealing with COVID 19 pandemic can be a difficulty. In spite of the challenging difficulties and problems expected, the positive and organized execution of important basic and definite arrangements can aid successful hospital-based organization for the period of a speedily progressing epidemic. Hospital emergency preparedness is a constant progression that association to the complete preparedness platform. Several principles and suggestions drawn in this article are general and appropriate to other incidents. The article gives checklist which is proposed to manage current situationby hospital emergency preparation platforms.


Personal protective equipment Preparedness Of intensive care units Preparedness Of Hospitals

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Akanksha Nibudey, & Vidya Baliga S. (2020). Preparing Hospitals in India for Covid-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 333-341.