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Coronavirus is present everywhere on earth. Humans get the infection of this in late fall, winter and early spring. Horseshoe bat is considered as the repository of CoV. This virus affects the respiratory tract. The disruption may vary. It may be mild, or it may grow fatal. The whole world is baffled over the issue, for, there isn't a specific treatment prescribed in any of the novel systems of medicines. Many types of research are being carried out in all modes of cure. This study aims at immune-booster therapy drugs which can elevate the immunity level in human beings. The drug is in a Rasāyana form with haritaki, pippali andAagastya as its chief compositions. The Rasāyana can keep any infectious virus or bacteria at bay. If anyone gets infect,ed it can rejuvenate their cells and tissues rapid,ly thus enhancing their immunity. The Ministry of AYUSH is making a kwath preparation for covid 19 aa preventative medicine for coronavirus. It includes some drugs like pippali which act as antipyreti.There are some āyurvedic immun-ty boosting measures which can be followed daily. It is useful for al age groups. weour is to understand the role of Rasyana dravyas and to find review outcome of Rasayana therapy in COVID – 19. Ayurvedic Scriptures, Scientific journals, Internet websites and published article have been used as materials for the purpose. The Present review was doe baed thehe previlyus published articles. “Rasayana treatment is also an answer to epidemics”. Ayurvedic Rasayana theraisare more effective against covid 19. Eventua,lly āyurveda has come up with an upper handthe as government has approved āyurvedic Rasāyanās for clinical trials to fight against the upsurge of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Agastya COVID – 19 Haritaki Immunobooster Pippali Prevalent Reservoir SARS- CoV Scriptures

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Rajlaxmi Suraj Pisey, & Sneha Vidhate. (2020). Efficacy of Rasayana Dravya on Covid–19 –A Brief Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 323-327.