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Recently discovered SARC-COV-2 virus is a reasonfor a contagious disease called Covid-19, which is startedfrom Wuhan, China on December 19, whichis now spread to the entire world. World health organization declared it as a Pandemic disease.Not only its high rate of disease person but also having a high mortality rate because it spreads fast, its treatment are based on symptoms the important part is the vaccine is not developed yet. So the whole world is looking towards Ayurvedafor its preventive as well as a curative aspect.So this work aimed to find out aetiology, causative factor, pathophysiology, and treatment of Pandemic as well as infectious disease from Ayurvedic literature to prevent or curethe infection. Methodology: the review was done based on present research of covid-19 and Ayurveda ways of prevention and treatment of contagious disease regarding covid-19. Ayurveda hasmentioned Pandemic disease under the heading of Janapadodhwansa andInfectious disease under Jwar (all typesof fever), Kustha (skin disease), Agantuj (Disease due to external factor), Bhoot graham pida (Disease due to external factor).Ayurveda is the mother branch of medical science; it gives brief treatment not only on physical levels but also at psychic and spiritual levels.Times reveals Ayurveda principles in front of the world.


Ayurveda Covid19 Infectious Disease Janapadodhwansa Pandemic Rasayana

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Kunal Jayawantrao Chandankhede, & Ruchika Kunal Chandankhede. (2020). Pandemic disease and Infectious disease in Ayurveda with special reference to Covid-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 292-296.