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Novel Corona disease becomes a worldwide crisis. Its outbreak starts from China and now it becomes a pandemic. The aim is to review various Ayurvedic remedies for COVID-19. This was purely a literary study done from various Ayurvedic compendiums. As there is no effective treatment in the form medicine &vaccines is available for COVID- 19 in contemporary science. But in the ancient medical science Vatasleshmika Jwara(fever) can be correlated with COVID-19 as Their symptoms are indistinguishable. Like, the clinical features of COVID- 19 are fever, cough, dyspnea, cold, headache, etc. are relatable to Santapa, ShushkaKasa, Bhrushamkshav,Pratishya, Shirograha which are Akshan of Vatasleshmak Jwar. Here, treatment can be given according to the Chikitsa of Vatasleshmakjwar on COVID 19.In current outbreak of Corona; it may prove as a ray of hope for further research.


Chikitsa(Treatment) COVID-19 Hetu History of COVID -19 VatasleshmakJwar( fever) Symptoms

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Harsha Deepak Vaidya, & Punam Sawarkar. (2020). Ayurvedic Remedies for Covid-19 - A Conceptual Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 286-291.