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The Coronavirus disease spread like fire, and millions of cases have been reported worldwide, and thousands have died. So, many countries around the globe ordered lockdown to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, which caused significant economic fallout. But every incident has two aspects, positive and negative. This article aimed to study the positive effects of COVID-19 pandemic on some specific factors and to study this topic, datais collected from various websites, web blogs, newspapers and reports on the internet. This pandemic enforced the cancellation or postponement of multiple events, which leads to a reduction in travelling and subsequently there were fewer vehicles on the road, which leads to a decrease in air and water pollution. Road traffic accidents and crime rate had come down suddenly. Due to lockdown, there was a reduction in transportation and industrial activity which allowed Mother Nature to recharge and replenish. Due to lockdown, people spent quality time with their family, fulfilled their hobbies, learnt many new skills and understood the importance of sanitation, hand hygiene and social distancing. This pandemic is a lesson for us to learn many new things. This crisis revealed that there is a need to improve our healthcare system and clinical researches. Immunity of an individual can play an important role to fight these kinds of viral diseases, and these diseases can be avoided by simply following the basic concepts of the Ayurveda. This lockdown showed the short-term depletion in greenhouse gas emissions, but this is not an option for long-lasting climate change, and we have to think about a sustainable solution to save the environment.


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Payal Sudhakar Kamdi, & Meena Shamrao Deogade. (2020). The hidden positive effects of COVID-19 pandemic. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 276-279.