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Covid -19 outbreak is current frustating entity to medical field and having dreadful impacts on global health system & economy.As standard line of treatment for this entity is not yet established & current statistics based on its impacts of high mortality rate is really discoraging.This situation demands for alternative search for its treatment in other science & also emphasizes over importance of its prevention in current situation by improving immunity.Basic aim of this paper is to search various treatment & preventative regimes in Ayurveda for management of different Aoupasargic Roga i.e. communicable diaseses. Relevant literature regarding concept of communicable disease in Ayurveda was explored from available Ayurvedic compendium. Various references in Ayurveda shows that both preventaive & curative aspect of airborne communicable diseases can be fulfilled with the help of Ayurveda.By adopting Ayurvedic measures such as following proper Dincharaya , Rutucharya , Sadvritta,Achara Rasayana, Panchakarma , Shaman Cikitsa & Rasayana , Yogapachara ,Spiritual therapies,Dhoopana Karma; both physical and mental health can be maintained & occurrence & spreading of such diaseases can avoided.Ayurveda can give This is an encouraging development and a good initiative for the treatment.


Aoupasargic Rog COVID-19 Dincharaya Dhoopana preventative Rasayana treatment regime

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Punam Sawarkar, & Gaurav Sawarkar. (2020). Integrative approach in Ayurveda for COVID -19- A Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 262-275.