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Vasavaleha is one of the best medicine given for respiratory diseases. Corona viruses typically affect the respiratory system, causing symptoms such as coughing, fever and shortness of breath. It also affects host immune system of human body. Spreading rate of this disease is very high. Whole world is seeking for the treatment which can uproots this diseases. There in no vaccine available till date against this pandemic disease. Ayurveda mainly focuses on prevention of diseases alongwith its total cure. Rajyakshma Vyadhi is MadhyamMarga Roga as per Ayurveda. It shows many symptoms such as Kasa, Shwasa etc. By overall view of Covid 19, shows its resemblance with Rajyakshma Vyadhi described in Ayurveda. Vasavaleha is a Kalpa which is described in Rogadhikara of Rajyakshma. It shows Kasahara, Shwashara properties. It consists of Vasa, Pipalli, Madhu and Goghrita. These components shows actions like bronchodilation, antitussive effect and many more other actions. Pipalli shows important Rasayana effect. So in present review, we have tried to focus on role of Vasavaleha in the management of Covid 19. This can be used as preventive as well as adjuvant medication in treating Covid 19. There is need of further clinical research to rule of exact action of Vasavaleha against Covid 19.


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Aamir Khan, & Rajni K. Gurmule. (2020). Role of Vasavaleha in the management of Covid19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 259-261.