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In recent two decades, SARS, MERS and 19 are the most infectious diseases spread all over the world, and are spread through the same virus called a with different features. Mostly this virus affects the respiratory system and has symptoms like high-grade fever, cough, headache, respiratory distress. It is affecting not only on the health level but also at the psychological and economic levels. Infectious diseases like these can be easily prevented by following some rules in our daily routine. The preventive measures given by the world health (WHO) to avoid this infection are washing hands frequently, using masks, maintaining social distancing. All these preventive methods are already depicted in Ayurveda texts. Pursuing the (daily routine) and (seasonal routine), mentioned in the Samhita is the best way to avoid the diseases caused by any changes experienced in the environment, also by following these disease can be prevented. is the procedures which should be followed in day to day life, but is about the procedures which should be followed by the person as per the season. As per Ayurveda regular use of these rules and regulation helps to maintain the balance of (an essential constituent) by which diseases can be prevented. So this study is about the methods which will be helpful to avoid Corona infection by following the simple daily routine and seasonal routine.


Ayurveda Covid 19 Dincharya Rutucharya

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Mayuri Amol Deshpande, & Amol Madhav Deshpande. (2020). Preventive measures for COVID 19 through Dincharya and Rutucharya mentioned in Ayurvedic Text. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 239-245.