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COVID-19 has proved to be a threatening pandemic for all human beings. Cases of COVID-19 reported globally till 13th April 2020 are 17, 73,084, out of which 1, 11,652 have died. While in India, greater than 9000 positive cases and 308 deaths are reported. People in many countries, all over the world, are locked down to their houses, and policies are implemented to avoid the spread of corona virus. But looking at this scenario, in other perspective reveals different knowledge. As, the roads are not crowded, and the malls, transport, institutes, and industries are closed, there is significant improvement in the climate. The present study intends to review these positive changes in climate, and the lessons human should learn from the pandemic, COVID-19. The data related to the effect of human interactions on nature, and the results of lockdown was collected from international newspapers, scholarly articles from peer reviewed journals, and WHO database. The data showed that, after lockdown, there is improvement in the quality of air, the green house gas emission has significantly reduced, and amount of industrial wastes poured in rivers has dropped down, making the water clearer. The nature heals itself, with less human interactions, and worsens with more. So, we must make policies not to damage it further, with our interactions.


Air quality Climate Corona Virus COVID-19 Crime Ganga Seismic Noise Water quality

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Swapnil Borage, & Priyanka Shelotkar. (2020). Positive effects of Covid-19 on Earth. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 234-238.