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Commencing ancient period there are abundant medicinal herbs which have been used in many kind of disease even which are dreadful in conditions. Also for treatment and preventative strategy for several diseases, such as respiratory viral infection, Meningitis, Rhinitis etc. So the beneϑit of these medicinal herbal drugs which are used in viral respiratory infections diseases is require to build immune stimulating boosting power and also inϑlammation modulate special effects of manage the immune system. Indian preventative and prophylactic medicinal plants recommended by AYUSH ministry for noval virus COVID 19. So in the present study virtue of some herbal drugs are taken which containing various saponine present in it. It has Virucidal properties of Some saponins and sapogenins are competent to deactivating viruses and might be act as Mucoadhesive agent because Mucoadhesive drug delivery (MDD) system is one of the very important restrictive steps for nasal drug delivery, because it decreases the time allowed for drug absorption. So these MDD improving the nasal drug absorption in time period and also prolonging the contact time between nasal mucosa and drug. Mucoadhesion represents the attachment of the drug delivery to the mucus, involving an interaction between mucin and a synthetic or natural polymer known as mucoadhesive.


COVID 19 Saponine Mucoadhesive drug delivery prophylactic Virucidal mucin deactivating delivery

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Vidhate R. Sneha, & Wate Priyanka. (2020). A Review of Saponine rich herbal drugs on COVID – 19 w.s.r to their Muco- adhesive action. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 183-186.