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Today the whole world is suffering from the most dreadful disease that is Covid 19. The Causative factor for COVID 19 is SARS-COV2. It was ϑirst noticed in Wuhan city of China. World Health Organisation declared the fatality of this disease as a pandemic. This disease has become a problem of great concern globally. This virus targets the respiratory system of human beings. There is a high incidence of person to person transmission of this disease through contact. However, there is also a signiϑicant role in innate immunity in pathogenesis and management of this disease. The whole world is seeking for ϑlawless control of this viral disease. Ayurveda is a holistic science. Its aim is not only on the cure of diseases but also on its prevention. It emphasises mainly on healthy life of an individual. There is a wide range of principles described in Ayurveda which are used to combat disease from its root. Rasayana Chikista is a useful principle of Ayurveda, beneϑicial for management and prevention of many diseases. It is always said that “prevention is better than cure”. Chyavanprash is one of the well known Rasayana. Contents of Chyavanprash shows a wide range of actions on respiratory diseases as well as on boosting immunity. These properties of it provoke us to review the role of Chyavanprash in the prevention of Covid 19, thereby increasing one’s immune response. This Chyavanaprash can be a boon in the prevention of Covid 19 by improving immunity against it.

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Rajni Kamlakar Gurmule. (2020). Role of Chyavanprashas a Rasayana in combating an outbreak of COVID-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 165-170.