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The COVID-19 is causing many changes in the daily lives of people around the world, but some things can be done to maintain a healthy lifestyle in these difficult times by taking a proper diet during COVID pandemic. It is difficult to follow any of the physical activities during the lockdown period, as successfully as before. This inertia may lead to indigestion and related health issues. The proper diet planning is an utmost aspect which includes the food habits, nutrition, wholesome diet, low calory diet healthy diet, Easily digested diet and the schedule of food. Dietary measures include various things like the type of diet, time to consume, the interval between two food, intake of food, nutrition values, proper calory intake. āyurveda prescribes food regime as a part of the treatment. The crucial concept of āyurveda regarding the type of diet is in the form of sattvic, rajasic and tāmasik food that helps a person maintain the physical equilibrium to sustain and manage good health in critical conditions like COVID-19. Sleep is an essential component of healthy living. There is a strong relationship between the gut and the mind. Proper sleep is vital to digest the food and enhances immunity in the lockdown period. Scheduling of the diet and its management plays a significant role in good health. Thus, administration of diet is the leading factor during COVID-19 pandemic.


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Ayushi Sunil Lohi, & Gaurav Sawarkar. (2020). Management Of Diet During Covid-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 154-157.