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This study analyzed the relationship between Covid-19 response strategies and employees Faith in chosen Hotels inside Eastern NCR Region. The crosssectional study conϑiguration was received and information was produced from 144 employees chose utilizing the basic simple random sampling from a populace of 242 workers of ϑive chose Hotels in Eastern NCR Region. The examination, being prevalently nomothetic in the system, observationally discovers the unique relationship of two distinguished experimentally referents of the indicator variable, Covid-19 response strategies, in particular; Communication & monitoring with the model variable, representative Faith utilizing the Spearman’s rank order correlation measurable tool. The information assortment instrument comprised of the poll with discoveries uncovering that Covid-19 response strategies, such as, Communication & monitoring essentially associate with worker Faith. In light of these discoveries, it was inferred that Effective and transparent communication and monitoring systems and exercises altogether improve representative Faith in associations and from that point we suggested that associations, particularly Hotels, Adopt more transparent and practical approach which translate conϑidence and competency on their part especially in given crises situation such as COVID 19. The executives ought to likewise try to empower and console staff, clients, and different partners of their pledge to guarantee the security and prosperity of every single invested individual during and signiϑicantly after crises as this would Further promote Faith and in this manner empower a progressively helpful work environment.


Covid-19 Response strategies Employee Faith Communication Monitoring Crises

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Deepak Kumar, & Nitin Girdharwal. (2020). COVID-19: Response Strategies & Employee Conviction - A prospective of Hotel Chain in NCR region. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 133-141.