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Evolution is continuous process of changes in structural and physiological mechanism in living being. Microbes/pathogens can evolve naturally or artificially and become resistant to various medicines. Novel coronavirus is such evolved pathogen of coronavirus group. Enough strong immunity is needed to prevent or survive from COVID-19 pandemic. Ayurveda provides ways for evolving physiological responses to built immunity. Present work is brief attempt to increase insight in this filed.Present review was done based on simple theory of evolution, recent updates regarding prevention of COVID-19, Ayurveda aspect toward infectious diseases and Ayurveda ways towards prevention of infectious diseases with special reference to COVID-19. Person with impaired immunity is more susceptible for COVID-19 and thus immunity is an important preventing factor. Ayurveda Rasayana (rejuvanation) herbs, Yoga exercises, Pranayama (special breathing exercise), daily regimens and personal hygiene guidelines can be helpful strategies in controlling the spread of COVID-19.The preventive aspects of pandemic situations are narrated in Ayurveda with enough details. These ways need to be scientifically explored and refined for precision. As prevention is always better than cure hence Ayurveda ways can be considered for future strategies to avoid pandemics such as COVID-19.  There is great need of research on Ayurveda medicines on COVID-19 like diseases.


Ayurveda Immunity COVID-19 Rasayana Yoga Ayurveda daily regimens

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Rajput, D. S. (2020). Evolution, Ayurveda, immunity, and preventive aspects for emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 86-93.