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The threat of Coronavirus disease caused by a novel corona virus SARS-Cov2 is becoming a global life threatening situation. In the affected countries and regions , innumerable measures have been enforced to reduce the person to person virus transmission as well as to curb the outbreak. In the case of  infectious pandemics like this, prevention is always better than cure. The specific focus of preventive measures is more on the susceptible population of children , health care providers and elderly people. Many of the people practice safety measures without proper knowledge as to whether these measures are sufficient or not to prevent the spread of the virus . It is therefore highly relevant to be aware of the  preventive measures for Corona so as to practice it effectively. The major  primary preventive measures to be implemented are regular practice of hygienic measures, social distancing , avoiding person to person contact , judicious use of masks, practice of screening and quarantine. Along with these, usage of  secondary preventive measures along with avoidance of the risk factors are to be properly exercised. The current review highlights  thepractice of  salient primary measures, secondary measures and screening measures along with the elaboration of risk factors which will beadvantageous in adding to the knowledge and awareness about effective prevention for Covid 19.


Covid 19 preventive measures risk factors screening

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Archana R, & Varadharaju B. (2020). The Corona care – Prevention is better than cure. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 81-85.