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Medicinal plants are important resources for the development of novel anti-inflammatory agents. Synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs have several adverse effects. Medicinal plants have numerous that are safer well as better substitutes for the prevention and management of various diseases and disorders. The and ethyl acetate extracts of Jasminum were evaluated for their potential as anti-inflammatory agents in by inducing paw edema in rats using . The anti-inflammatory activity of the reference drug was compared with the extracts of Jasminum . The extracts on screening indicated the presence of such as , , , alkaloids, and . The study established significant anti-inflammatory nature of the Jasminum extracts in a manner which is dose-dependent. The results indicate that both the extracts of Jasminum possess anti-inflammatory activity of significance and can be used in the development for novel anti-inflammatory moieties.


J.sessiliflorum anti-inflammatory phytochemical analysis carrageenan paw edema

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Ruby Philip, Kathiresan Krishnasamy, & Elessy Abraham. (2019). Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of Jasminum sessiliflorum extracts. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2515-2518.