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Phytochemical screening followed by anticancer potential evaluation of Kohautia aspera (Heyne ex Roth) Bremek was the purpose of the study. Successive extraction was performed with four solvents of different polarity as well as hot percolation method for the aqueous extract. The anticancer potential of the plant was investigated by standard MTT assay against (MCF-7) human breast adenocarcinoma cells. The extracts showed many phytoconstituents. In vitro cytotoxic activity of plant increased with increasing concentration of extracts. The presence of important phytoconstituents in plants may provide protection against a number of diseases. The investigation concludes that Kohautia aspera (Heyne ex Roth) Bremek possesses significant anticancer potential.


Kohautia aspera (Heyne ex Roth) Bremek Phytochemical screening MTT assay Anticancer potential

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Kavitha G, Sivakkumar T, & Elessy Abraham. (2019). Preliminary phytochemical screening and anticancer potential of Kohautia aspera (Heyne Ex Roth) Bremek. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2502-2506.