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Calocybe indica, commonly known as milky/summer white mushroom, ‘kuduk’ or ‘dudhi chatta’, is a ligno-cellulolytic, tropical mushroom of Indian origin, which requires a temperature of 30-35°C and a relative humidity of 80-90°C for good growth. It is a new introduction to the domestic mushroom family. There are 40 different species of C. indica, out of which four are edible, that is, C. carnea, C. ionides, C. gambosa and C. indica. In northern part of our country, very few efforts have been attempted towards the cultivation of C. indica. Therefore, the present study was conducted to screen some strains of C. indica viz., DMRO-309, DMRO-319, CI-6, CI-9 and APK-2 procured from Directorate of Mushroom Research, Solan for their growth behaviour, morphometric characters, yield and biological efficiency on wheat and paddy straw for cultivation in Jammu district. On the basis of the results obtained, C. indica strain DMRO-309 and APK-2 emerged as the best performers under the climatic conditions of Jammu region.


Jammu milky mushroom cultivation sporophores

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Pourush Shrikhandia S P, & Geeta Sumbali. (2019). Studies on the evaluation of some strains of Calocybe indica P&C for cultivation in Jammu. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2457-2465.