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The frequent use of insecticides has led to the development of insecticide resistance by many insects. In some insect populations, resistance can be developed to multiple pesticides. Up to this, insecticides resistance became a key challenge, and the amounts of the used pesticides must be as lower as possible. In this study, we measured the potency of multiple emulsions on the mortality of Drosophila virils and the ability of the fly to ingest and excrete the emulsions as a new strategy to avoid the great use of pesticides.  The obtained data showed that the value of the lethal concentration of half the number of individuals decreases when the exposure duration increases, which demonstrates the sensitivity of the larvae to the toxic effect of the formulation. This can help to suggest that this type of material can be more effective and lasting effect for as long as possible. Moreover, the ingestion and excretion of the formulated product in the hind-gut can help to suggest the ability of the studied formulation to pass through the peritrophic membrane and the midgut acidic regions as two important barriers. In conclusion, the formulated microcapsule has a satisfactory insecticidal potency against D. virilis in a dose-dependent manner which might help to avoid the developed resistance to commonly used insecticides.


Drosophila virils Insecticides Multiple emulsion Mortality Peritrophic membrane

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Areej Al-Khalaf. (2019). Effect of multiple emulsion on mortality of drosophila virils. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2446-2451.