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A new, simple, reliable, fast, sensitive and economical RP-HPLC method was developed and validated for simultaneous estimation of two fixed-dose combinations frequently prescribed in coexisted chronic diseases such as diabetes (GLB) and hypertension (ATN) in bulk for the first time. The mobile phase used for the chromatographic runs consisted of 0.01N potassium dihydrogen ortho phosphate (pH 4.8) and acetonitrile (55:45, v/v). The separation was achieved on column (BDS C18 250 x 2.1mm, 1.6m) using isocratic mode. Drug peaks were well separated and were detected by a UV detector at 235.0 nm. The method was linear at the concentration range 2.5-15µg/ml for Glibenclamide (GLB) and 6.25-37.5µg/ml for Atenolol (ATN), respectively. The method has been validated according to ICH guidelines with respect to system suitability, specificity, precision, accuracy and robustness. The method was validated for system suitability, linearity, accuracy, precision, detection, quantification limits and robustness and was found it is acceptable in the range of 2.5–15 µg/ml for GLB and 6.25–37.5 µg/ml for ATNThe LOD and LOQ of GLB was found to be 0.48 µg/ml and 1.47µg/ml and for ATN was found to be 0.72µg/ml and 2.20 µg/ml, respectively. The method was applied to drug interaction studies of GLB with ATN to illustrate the scope and application of the methods to manage two different therapeutic classes of drugs, as they may co-administered in concurrent diseases.


Atenolol Glibenclamide Combination HPLC Validation

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Anitha P, Ramkanth S, & Satyanarayana S V. (2019). Development and validation of a new analytical RP-HPLC method for simultaneous determination of Glibenclamide and Atenolol in bulk. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2433-2445.