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spinal cord plays an important role in human life. In our work, we are using digital image processing technique, the interior part of the human body can be analyzed using MRI, CT and X-RAY etc. Medical image processing technique is extensively used in medical field. In here we are using MRI image to perform our work In our proposed work, we are finding degenerative disease from spinal cord image. In our work first, we are preprocessing the MRI image and locate the degenerative part of the spinal cord, finding the degenerative part using various segmentation approach after that classifying degenerative disease or normal spinal cord using various classification algorithm. For segmentation, we are using an efficient semantic segmentation approach


Spinal cord MRI IVD degenerative disease MLD SC

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Arjun, & Kanchana V. (2019). Spinal cord segmentation and classification of degenerative disease. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2426-2432.