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Leukemia is a blood cancer which features through the ejection of manipulated and strange fabrication of white blood cells which is the way of bone marrow within the blood. The project aims at designing and developing an efficient technique for the detection of luekemia based on image segmentation techniques and nuclei analysis which incorporates the affected percentage and are compared and classified using KNN and SVM. The DNA of youngster cells, for the maximum detail white platelets, subsequently finally ends up harmed here and there. This version from the norm reasons platelets to increase and separate constantly. Sound platelets bypass on inevitably and are supplanted by approach of new cells, which might be brought in bone marrow. 


leukemia white blood cells bone marrow blood cancer classified

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Meghana M.R, & Akshatha Prabhu. (2019). An efficient technique for identification of leukemia in microscopic blood samples using image processing. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2409-2416.