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Different studies have been done to study the effect of stress on reproductive physiology and fertility. of stress-induced infertility /decrease fecundity is explained by various axis and theory of oxidative stress, but proper management of stress and regulation of these axis along with oxidative stress is lacking in modern medical science. A better understanding of stress and its relation with body physiology, especially fertility, is attempted in light of Ayurveda to get knowledge about the of stress-induced infertility and its holistic management. In Ayurveda concept of stress is not only confined to psychological factors, but it is the state of disturb body homeostasis, i.e. the state where , , are not in their proper functioning. Diet and lifestyle have their role in maintaining body homeostasis. Along with diet and lifestyle various drugs, therapeutic procedure () & non-materialistic treatment ( and beliefs to be followed in life) have been described in Ayurveda to manage disturbed body homeostasis, and thus it helps in the management of stress in a holistic way. Concept of stress management by concepts like diet, lifestyle, Agni, body purification methods along with and objects (diet, lifestyle, and drugs) will open a vast area of research about the applicability of these concepts in stress management by the holistic way. It will help to serve society by providing not only cure of stress-related infertility but also give a healthy reproductive life.

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Mishra Sarita, Parameswarappa S. Byadgi, & Mishra S.P. (2019). Stress and fertility-Past conviction, present cognizance and future orchestrations. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2388-2398.