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The early discovery of malignancy can altogether reduce disease mortality and spares lives. In this way, a lot of exertion has been dedicated to the investigation of new advancements to distinguish early indications of the ailment. Biomarkers have various potential applications in oncology, including peril examination, screening, differential end, an affirmation of figure, desire for response to treatment, and checking of development of illness. Malignant growth biomarkers spread an expansive scope of biochemical substances, for example, nucleic acids, proteins, sugars, little metabolites, and cytogenetic and cytokinetic parameters, just as whole tumor cells found in the body liquid. They can be utilized for hazard appraisal, finding, anticipation, and for the expectation of treatment adequacy and danger and repeat. A thorough comprehension of the pertinence of cach biomarker will be imperative for diagnosing the malady dependably yet in addition help in the decision of various restorative choices at present accessible that is probably going to profit the patients. In this review, we provide a information about late advances in disease biomarker discovery, different signalling pathways for specific tumors like breast malignancy, cervical malignancy, colorectal malignancy and finding, forecast and restorative purposes, which incorporate markers as of now in clinical practice just as different upcoming biomarkers.


Biomarkers cancer care Ki-67 HER2 p161INK4a VEGF Diagnostic biomarkers

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Malarkodivelraj, Maymun sahana N, Manimaran T, Aruna M, & Dinesh kumar P. (2019). A significant role of biomarkers in breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer - A review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2373-2380.