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The elderly population experience many health issues that range from emotional, psychological to physiological conditions. Previous studies reveal that chronic pain is among the major health issues affecting old people. The processes of managing chronic pain among the elderly have proven to be challenging practices since individuals exhibit different health complications in advanced age.   Saudi Arabia is among the countries that have made progressive improvements to the approaches employed to address chronic pain. Thus, exploring the status of elderly patients experiencing chronic pain in three major hospitals in Saudi Arabia is an educational strategy to understand the situation both in the middle east and the rest of the world. The notable chronic ailments associated with the elderly in Saudi Arabia include diabetes, back pain, and depression. Several studies have shown that the systems for treating older adults that suffer from chronic pain in Saudi Arabia are effective. However, the treatment is not as smooth as the systems due to the complexities associated with old age. For instance, old people have memory problems, movement challenges, and concertation difficulties, among others. However, noting how different people experience and address chronic pain is imperative for understanding the magnitude of distress pain causes to the elderly.  The study used the 20-item pain anxiety symptom scale (PASC) to asses chronic pain for 53 patients draw from King Fahad Hospital in Jeddah, Asir Central Hospital, and King Khaled hospital in Najran. The study revealed that chronic pain causes fear. Inability to think properly. Concertation problem and lack of sleep, among other issues. Apparently. The study borrows from other studies done outside Saudi Arabia to explore the issue problem in a broader spectrum. The understanding of chronic pain status is an inevitable exercise towards establishing effective pain management programs or systems.


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Allehabi Muhaisn A, Alshammari Mohammad A, Alenzy Muhya T, ALshehri Mohammed A, & Almusri Ali D. (2019). Exploring the status of treating chronic pain among elderly patients hospitalized in internal medicine wards in saudi arabia. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2351-2359.