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The aim of the present work was to develop a microsponge delivery system of baclofen to control its release and thereby reducing dosing frequency and enhancing patient compliance. The microsponge was produced by oil in oil emulsion solvent diffusion method. The effects of drug/polymer ratio, stirring time and type of Eudragit polymer on the physical characteristics of microsponges were investigated. The prepared microsponges was characterized for production yield (PY), loading efficiency (LD), particle size, surface morphology, and in vitro drug release. The results showed that the microsponge formula with Eudragit RS100 had optimum physical properties with PY % equal to 97 %, and LD % equal to 81% and controlled drug release (75% of drug release in 8 hours) when compared with other formulas and pure BFN. Therefore, the non-‎aqueous emulsion solvent diffusion method is a promising method to produce baclofen microsponges.‎


Baclofen microsponge delivery system controlled released

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Faten Q. Ibraheem, & Anmar A. Abdelrazzaq. (2019). Studying the effect of variables on baclofen floating microsponge. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2300-2306.