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In this study a type of polymeric composites from melting poly Unsaturated polyester as a basic substance with powdered sawdust was prepared, studying some of it is mechanical properties, which was included: Impact Strength (I.), Yong modulus (E), hardness (B.) and compression Strength (C.). Polymeric composites before and after reinforcing were studied by comparison between them. It was noticed increasing resistance of Yong modulus (E), Impact Strength (I.), hardness (B.) and compression Strength (C.). Also, It is studied the effect of some acids like (, H2SO4, HNO3) with concentrations (0.5 N; 1N and 1.5N) respectively. Some physical properties were studied as absorbance and poly 's diffusion coefficient before and after reinforcing. The results showed increases in values of these properties with increasing concentration of acid and time of polymer's immersion in the acidic solution.


polymeric composites polyester powdered sawdust Diffusion Coefficient

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Ebtehag Zeki Sulyman, Hamid A. Salih, & Thaer Abed Hallow. (2019). Preparation of a polymeric aggregate of unsaturated Poly ester with sawdust and studying its physical and mechanical properties. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2280-2289.