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Migraine is characterized by headache due to imbalance between excitation and inhibition of neurons disabling normal day to day activities. The excitations of neurons are done by excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate which plays the key role in creating any pathology related to neurons. This study was done to identify GluR1 a subunit of AMPA glutamate receptor in the cells of trigeminal ganglion after inducing migraine and compare it with control rats. The GluR1 subunits were localized in the cytoplasm of neurons, and these subunits were up-regulated following a migraine. The GluR1 was also localized in satellite glial cells and nerve fibers, indicating these subunits expressed in neurons and migrate during nociceptive sensitization. This GluR1 expression in the cells of trigeminal ganglion may be crucial in nociceptive sensitization leading to migraine and other painful conditions like trigeminal neuralgia.


AMPA Migraine Sensory ganglion Glutamate

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Sankaran PK, Gunapriya R, Yuvaraj MF, Siva T, Kumaresan M, Priyadharshini A, Karthikeyan G, & Senthil Murugan. (2019). AMPA receptor localization in trigeminal ganglion and its upregulation in migraine. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2209-2212.

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