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Medicinal Plants were used from the ancient to the modern era and has proved in treating and preventing many different types of diseases which are not treatable with other means of treatment. The present study was aimed to prove the anti-fertility activity of Decaschistia crotonifolia leaves on female wistar rats. The extracts were mainly estimated for their anti-implantation activity by taking mainly 2 dose levels: 200 & 400 mg/kg, respectively. The extracts were also tested for their hormonal alteration effects on female wistar rats.  The reports obtained in this study strongly prove the anti-fertility potential of leaves extracts of Decaschistia crotonifolia, as the extracts has shown a potential decline in the formation of implants (100%), and also the increase in uterine weight projects its estrogenic effect in Ovariectomised rats. Hence by considering the above-mentioned results, it may be proved that the leaves extracts of D. Crotonifolia poccess strong anti-fertility activity. 


Hormonal alteration Fertility potential Dechachistia Crotonifolia Formation of implants

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Afsar Shaik, Prasanna Raju Yalavarthi, & Chadrasekhar Kothapalli Bonnoth. (2019). Evaluation of Anti-fertility activity of Decaschistia crotonifolia leaves on female wistar rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2194-2198.