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Eye-tracking is an emerging area of science in a wide range of computer vision-based applications. Eye-tracking mainly deals with where the person is looking at and for what duration. In this work, we propose an R based interface to visualize the eye-tracking data as fixations and saccades that depicts where the person looking at –fixations and saccades and what duration – fixation duration. Through the eye-tracking metrics that are visualized in our work, one can visualize the difference between the viewing behaviour of various participants. The differences thus depicted can later be studied in order to understand the cognitive abilities of the participants. The paper contains a detailed survey of the existing literature and the experimental results generated using the R interface.


Eye-tracking Fixations and saccades R shiny app Cognitive ability

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Akshay S, Ashika P, & Aswathy Ramesh. (2019). An R based interface to understand cognitive ability of different participants using fixation and saccade detection. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2127-2131.