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The present study deals with the formulation of oral sustained-release tablets using natural gum Araucaria heterophylla gum, and the results were compared the formulations with existing polymers. The gum was isolated from the bark exudates of Araucaria heterophylla tree Sustain release matrix tablets of aceclofenac as a model drug were prepared with the proportions 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% of Araucaria heterophylla gum by direct compression method. The results were compared with sustain release matrix tablets formulated from similar proportions of Guar gum and HPMC K4M. The tablets were evaluated for their physical characteristics. The formulation with 30% concentration of the gum showed a release of -91.68±0.72% whereas the formulation with 30% guar gum showed a drug at release 91.26±0.41% after 8 hrs, while HPMC at 30% concentration gave a drug release of 86.26±0.61after 8 hrs. The other parameters are satisfactory and are within the Pharmacopoeial limits. The stability studies carried out under accelerated conditions as per ICH guidelines infer that the gum is chemically stable, compatible and maintain its physical and in vitro characteristics throughout the shelf life of the formulations.


Araucaria heterophylla gum Matrix forming agent Release retardant kinetics

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Gayathri R, & Sundaraganapathy R. (2019). Design, optimization and comparative IN VITRO evaluation of sustain release matrix tablet using ARAUCARIA HETEROPHYLLA gum. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 2109-2116.