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The consumption of dietary supplements has nowadays become popular, especially in Jordanian sports clubs and gyms. In fact, there is a widespread idea, among consumers, that these proteins contain hormones in order to increase their efficiency. The objective of this study is to develop a better understanding of customer opinion in an era that increased growth in Jordan and improves a chromatographic method to detect the testosterone in protein supplements. The method of this study, six popular types of proteins in the Jordan market have been chosen after conducting a primary study of the proteins' users by questionnaires to identify their opinions about these proteins. These proteins have been analyzed by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography by developing an easy and fast method to detect testosterone signal between 8-9 minutes of the chromatogram. The results of the study showed that 61% of the users believe that sport proteins contain hormones and other substances that are not mentioned in the list of ingredients. While 39% believe otherwise. On the other side, HPLC results of six proteins showed no signs for testosterone hormone. The main reason that drives them to take sport proteins is for building muscles in spite of they believe it could be harmful due to containing hormones and other substances. So in future investigations, it might be possible to use different brands and investigate them by using the same method.


Testosterone Protein supplements Attitude Consumer beliefs HPLC

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Talal Aburjai, Rudaina Othman Yousif, Mahmood Jasim AlSamydai, Ali Al-Samydai, Farah Al-Mamoori, & Hanan Azzam. (2019). Protein supplements between consumer’s opinion and quality control: an applied study in jordan. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 1961-1969.