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Vitex agnus castus showed antiproliferative activity in several previous studies. Angiogenesis is one of the targets in the remediation of cancer. This study aimed to demonstrate the effect of methanol fruits extract of vitex agnus castus on mouse mammary gland adenocarcinoma cell line and rat embryonic fibroblast cell line.  The cell lines used in this study were obtained from tissue culture unit/ Iraqi Center for Cancer and Medical Genetic Researches, Al-Mustansiriyah University was maintained in RPMI- 1640 tissue media after preparing from 10% fetal calf serum, antibiotics solution and other materials to make complete growth medium. Serial solutions of vitex agnus castus, methanol crude extract have been tested on 10*4 of AMN3 and REF in each well of 96 well plates. The results of the current study showed that the concentration that inhibits fifty percent of cell line after 72 hours of the experiment (IC50) was 129 ug/ml for AMN3 and 1324ug/ml for REF cell line. The antioxidant activity of Vitex agnus castus may indicate the proliferation inhibition activity of Vitex agnus castus methanol extract. The study concluded that this extract might be of benefit if used in combination with other anti-cancer drugs as adjuvant therapy.


Vitex agnus castus mammary gland adenocarcinoma cell line rat embryonic fibroblast cell line antiproliferative activity

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Zeinat. W. Ribat, Hayder B Sahib, & Ahmed M. Al-Shammari. (2019). Effect of vitex agnus castus fruits methanol extract against murine mammary adenocarcinoma cell line (amn3) and rat embryonic fibroblast normal cell line (ref). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 1910-1913.