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The reason of this study was investigate effects Citalopram and Floxtein for histological embryos in different organs with anatomical effects in male reproductive organs of adults rats for 90 days. The 45 rats were divided into three equal groups (control and two treated groups), and animals were treated as follow: 1- Control group (n=15) 2-Treatment group (n=15) treated each day with citalopram tablets 20mg in distal water for 80 days.3-Treatment Group (n=15) treated daily Fluoxetine capsules 20mg in distal water for 80 days. At 84 days animals sacrificed then male reproductive organs, with embryos weighted and take organs for histopathological study. The present study shows that treatment with Citalopram and Floxtein cause a significant reduce in body weight of embryos and effects on organs.


Oxidative injure Citalopram Floxtein Rat embryos Organs

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Rasha Noori Abid AL.Shammary. (2019). Oxidative injure occur of Citalopram and Floxtein in Rat with embryos in Different Organs. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 1861-1867.