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The most malicious tumor in women is breast cancer. Its treatment at the early stage of its recognition in a woman provides her multiple options for diagnosis. Physical inspection and mammography are helpful screening processes for the primary recognition of breast cancer, they are also labor dependent and need health specialists who are exceptionally prepared and skilled. This experiment was designed to estimate and compare the CA15-3 level, hormone, and Lactate dehydrogenase enzyme in Breast Cancer patients and in apparently healthier individuals. Blood CA15-3, hormone, and Lactate dehydrogenase enzyme levels were determined in 65 Women with Breast Cancer and 55 apparently healthy subjects. The levels of serum CA15-3, hormone, and Lactate dehydrogenase enzyme were showing a significant increase in women with Breast Cancer in comparison to the control group (P ≤ 0.05). The study also investigates the correlation between the concentrations of the CA15-3 and each of hormone, and Lactate dehydrogenase enzyme, However, we compared all measurement parameters according to the type of disease. In Breast cancer patients, we increase CA15-3, hormone, and Lactate dehydrogenase enzyme can clearly occur, and we positive correlation relationship between CA15-3 and each of PRL and LDH through coefficient correlation (r).


Breast cancer CA15-3 Prolactin Lactate dehydrogenase

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Hadeel Rashid Faraj. (2019). Study of the correlation between CA15-3 and each of prolactin hormone and lactate dehydrogenase enzyme in women with breast cancer in THI – QAR governorate – Iraq. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 1751-1755.